About Five Points
Five Points Consulting helps organizations maximize their efficiency through the use of improved technology and streamlined operating procedures. Using simple principles and our considerable expertise, we design and help implement cost-effective solutions that make your information readily accessible and more useful to your organization.
Five Points specializes in solutions that make the best use of the resources you already have. Often you can get excellent results by simply making better use of your existing software or making small changes to the way you work. The trick, of course, is knowing how to identify where improvements can be made — and this is one of the areas in which Five Points excels.

Our successful approach to information management helps you:

Improve sales, marketing, and operations by combining past successes with future trends
Empower individuals with the information needed to improve their job performance
Maximize the return on your investment in training, processes, and individual knowledge
Capitalize on your intangible assets such as relationships and business know-how
Avoid knowledge loss due to restructuring or staff turnover

Our professional experience includes strategic planning, marketing, operations, technology, and training for a variety of organizations. We bring a critical and caring eye to the business practices of your organization, giving you the tools to improve productivity.

Contact Five Points today to see how we can help your organization better manage its information.